Land of Vampires: A Full-Length Duet 5e Campaign

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Grab your stake and join the adventure! Preorder your copy of Land of Vampires: Slipping into Shadow, a full-length duet 5e campaign AND support our creation of Part Two: Risen Retribution, for even more fun in Steymhorod!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production Update for Land of Vampires—everything's going well!
10 days ago – Thu, May 09, 2024 at 01:03:50 PM

Hello wonderful backers and pre-order friends,

I have an absolutely delightful update for you today—we are on track for our production timeline for having PDFs of Land of Vampires part one ready in June! 

(This good news also means that we're on schedule for the print copies being ready and going out in July, but physical copies add an element of unknowns beyond our control, so stay tuned for more specific updates there.)

We're at the alternately glamorous and tedious stage of final polishing chapter by chapter, which sometimes looks like finding the perfect placement for art or when the formatting working out just so but seems just as likely to involve wording tweaks to trick sections into fitting within a prescribed space so as not to mess up pagination. But even in the moments of frustration or uncooperative documents, it is still so gratifying to see this campaign come together and super inspiring to know that so many amazing people are waiting on me to complete it!

Know that we are so excited to get this campaign into your hands and that we are exceedingly grateful for your support! 

Part Two update:

I have also been working on fleshing out Rasonov and all of the adventures to be had therein! (The pun in this sentence will take on additional creepy resonance once you start adventuring in Rasonov!) Part Two takes place in more urban centers than we had in Part One, which will make for a really nice change of pace! 

Blog & Gaming update:

As a quick side update from our home table, we just started a new campaign (*sigh* yes, I got stuck again!) that Jonathan is GMing and it is SOOOO cool! We had our first session last weekend, set in a world he's been working on, Ilios. It's a low-magic world, so my half-caster ranger is going to be very fancy (and suspicious) for possessing the ability to cast spells at all! 

After our session, I was buzzing with ideas about my character and the world, so I dove into creating a character diary for her (Draeza is my PC's name). I liked it so much I put together a post about character diaries and some things to consider if you're interested in keeping one, which you can read here!

Past Updates:

Just in case you missed a previous update, PDFs for Witches, Fae, and Foes; Adventuring Companions supplement; and Friends in Need have been distributed to all backers who have completed their survey. (If you placed a pre-order with us, those files will come through as soon as BackerKit finishes processing charges.)

I'll plan to have another update for you in a couple weeks! Between now and then, happy gaming!

💚 Beth 

Digital downloads distributed
21 days ago – Sun, Apr 28, 2024 at 09:11:11 AM

Hello wonderful backers,

I hope you're having a fabulous weekend! I am writing with an update regarding digital downloads for Witches, Fae, and Foes and the Adventuring Companions supplement. If either of these items were part of your pledge or add-ons in digital format, you should have just received download links from BackerKit for the files. 

I apologize for the delay in distribution—I was missing a fulfillment step in BackerKit, but that should be taken care of now. 

I hope you enjoy the Witches, Fae, and Foes adventures, and I am so excited to hear what you think about the different companion classes and subclasses! Thank you for your patience as we learn this new fulfillment system! 

Land of Vampires campaign update

Progress on the LoV campaign is going well! I'm hoping to have some fun and exciting announcements in that regard over the next few weeks. Right now I'm working on the information balance and organization between the campaign and the player's guide to Azuria (the latter of which all backers will be receiving for free!). 

I'm also working on a supplement for the city of Rasonov that will be part of the campaign Part Two! (We may at some point create a Steymhorod world book if there's interest on behalf of GMs, so drop me a comment or reply if that's something you'd like to see!)

Grove Guardian Press/me and Jonathan update

Outside the specific LoV updates, Jonathan and I have started lining up our summer projects, which I'm really excited about! My semester wraps up mid-May, which means extra writing and game design time for me (yay!). This means vampires and werewolves for you, of course, but some other cool projects as well. 

We're also on the verge of announcing an awesome collaboration that's been in the works for a while now and is finally coming to fruition—stay tuned for that announcement! 

More soon!


Mid-April Update: BackerKit Surveys Lock + PDF add-ons
about 1 month ago – Sun, Apr 14, 2024 at 10:41:16 AM

Hello wonderful backers,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying your weekend! I am planning to post this in BackerKit as well but this way, hopefully everyone will see it: 

Our BackerKit surveys lock tomorrow, so if you haven't filled out your survey (the second one), please do so when you get a chance. 

The good news with surveys locking is that you'll be able to download your PDF add-ons like Witches, Fae, and Foes; Adventuring Companions (the updated one with four classes and subclasses!); and Friends in Need!

You should get a notification from BackerKit when your survey is locked with a link to the PDF downloads. 

For those who ordered a copy of the Adventuring Companions supplement: We would love to know what you think, especially of the two new companion classes! We've made several updates over the last year or so that the supplement has been available responding to questions, but just in case, I'd love to know about any additional questions that may remain before we order the print editions for summer fulfillment. 

You'll also notice a new section at the very end where I cover the backstories for a couple of our home adventuring companions with an overview of story-based practices and suggestions for designing your own adventuring companion characters! 

Thank you so much for your support through this process, and I'm excited for us to be one step closer to fulfillment!

Happy gaming!


BackerKit Surveys Sent!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Mar 29, 2024 at 09:47:44 AM

Greetings, wonderful backers,

I have just sent out the BackerKit surveys—woohoo! You should see those in your inbox. We're using BackerKit to help us manage digital rewards and to run a preorder store while we finalize Land of Vampires and write LoV Part Two! 

For those unfamiliar with BackerKit, the survey is basically a chance to confirm your pledge. If you don't make any changes or add anything, you should have a $0 balance in BackerKit as you finalize your order. 

If you have more questions about BackerKit, I made a video overview for you here (update #14). We have also partnered with BackerKit to answer questions or take care of any tech needs, so don't hesitate to reach out if needed! 

If you've added Witches, Fae, and Foes in digital format, you should see your PDFs once you complete your survey. The final edits on the Adventuring Companions supplement are taking a little longer than planned, so those files aren't ready yet. 

Finally, if you have trouble logging in or have lost your survey, click here!

Thank you for sticking with us through this process! We are SO excited to be getting this first round of rewards to you! And there are so many more great things to come! 

Happy gaming! 

💚 Beth 

BackerKit review under way!
about 2 months ago – Sun, Mar 24, 2024 at 01:35:22 PM

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